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EGI Capital Founding and Managing Partner Dr. Charles Hsu has more than 20 years of experiences in MIT, in startups, in MIT Industry Liaison Program (ILP) China Program, in MIT Technology Review Chinese Edition, and in his company, EGI Capital, which stands for EBO (Emerging Business Opportunities) Global Innovation Capital, on venture services. 


Dr. Charles Hsu is an alumnus of MIT and Harvard covering engineering and computer sciences, law, and management. 


Dr. Charles Hsu is both a serial and parallel entrepreneur, and has founded and co- founded several startup companies mainly in Greater Boston, particularly at Kendall Square. Among these companies, two of them had been merged with major companies in US, both are MEMS technology-based companies for applications in display. 

Company & Management Team Requirements

EGI Capital requires the management team to have technical expertise in their field of study, and prefers companies that also have business development expertise. The firm typically takes a board seat after an investment, but at the minimum will maintain a close relationship with the entrepreneur as a support and advisor. EGI Capital typically participates in two financing rounds per company, and also supports the company in finding add-on investors for the following round. 

Sectors & Subsectors of Interest

Within healthcare, EGI Capital is interested in biotech therapeutics, medical devices, healthcare IT and digital health. The firm is opportunistic in subsector and indication, and has a specific interest in oncology products. For healthcare IT, the firm is interested in software, AI, robotics, and digital health technology that seeks to integrate into hospital systems. For medical devices, EGI Capital is interested in drug delivery system devices that require a therapeutic component. The firm typically seeks companies that already have CE Mark, FDA, CFDA, or TFDA approval. 

Network and Platform Support

The team’s extensive local presence in Boston/Cambridge, MA area since the 1990s has resulted in extensive experience and business relationships throughout the region, leading to proprietary deal flow and cross-pollination of information, relationships, resources, team members, and exit opportunities. 

Substantial Investment and Operational Experiences

Our team has a long-standing track record investing across multiple industries and sectors and the proven ability to help companies migrate management teams, brands, and technology to the Greater China and to successfully integrate proven business models with the local business environment. 

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Our Mission

The mission of EGI Capital is to bridge the huge gap between innovation from startups and the realization of product commercialization.

The EGI Capital teams of investment professionals manage, monitor and guide all the investment activities across 5 funds, including the areas of electronics, biomedical, and materials. They are supported by local investment professionals who are experienced multidisciplinary individuals with in-depth knowledge of local and international business operations and corporate finance, located in EGI Capital offices in the United States and the Greater China. 

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